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Buskett - Habitat restoration of specific sites via the planting of indignous trees and shrub

: Habitat restoration of specific sites via the planting of indigenous trees and shrub
: Malta
: The Buskett-Girgenti Natura 2000 site, Siġġiewi
: 1998
: 8581
: 2020
: Planting take place during the spring and autumn months
: Ongoing
: No
: Ambjent Malta
: 35.8562
: 14.3978
Biodiversity conservation or increased biodiversity
Yes, increasing green areas, enhance the potential for biodiversity and ecosystem service provisioning (Threlfall et al; 2017).
Ecosystem restoration and/or improved ecological connectivity
Yes, one of the aims of this restoration programme is to increase the vegetation cover by planting indignous trees.
Increased quality and quantity of green and blue infrastructures
Yes, green infrastructure, by increasing green areas through implementation of Mediterranean native species.
Drought and heat risk
Yes, the Mediterranean Basin is undergoing a warming trend with longer and warmer summers, an increase in the frequency and the severity of heat waves, changes in precipitation patterns and a reduction in rainfall amounts (Linares et al; 2020).
Loss of biodiversity
Yes, this project's actions are aimed to reduce biodiversity loss by planting indigenous trees.
Ecosystem degradation
Yes, habitats within the Buskett protected area are under a number of pressures and threats arising from soil erosion, invasive species, intensive agricultural practices, unregulated visitor access and overexploitation of species (ERA, 2013).
Low aesthetic value
Terrestrial biodiversity (SDG15)
Yes, this action aims to increase tree cover.
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